I am a 20 year old student from Nottinghamshire with an ever-growing passion for writing and language. I started this blog as a source of procrastination from my dreaded University dissertation and in the hope that I can use it to enhance my writing skills and develop my creative ability; ultimately with the hope I might finally decide on a career path to take!

I currently study English Language at The University of Leeds where I am (scarily) in my third and final year. After graduation, I am hoping to pursue a career in writing and am currently looking into postgraduate journalism courses.

I spend half my time in the city of Leeds and the other half at home in a small village in Nottinghamshire where I grew up blissfully. I am extremely close to my family and am regularly reminded how lucky I am to have such supportive, loving people in my life. I have a close-knit group of friends both at home and university whom I hold very dear and would not change for the world – a cliché but so true.

I currently write an article a month for Her Campus Leeds, an online student magazine, which I adore doing and can write about whatever I want. I am also Media Coordinator of AIESEC Leeds, a student-run organization that promotes leadership on Campus.

Over time my blog has developed into a beauty blog; while I have many other interests, I am really enjoying writing about all things make-up at the moment. I love writing about cosmetics in particular because like mosts girls, I like to buy, try and experiment with new products all the time. Some may say materialistic but at 20 years old, I think I'm allowed to be!