Sunday, 12 February 2012

G.A.Y'ing it up in Manchester

This post won't interest a lot of people as it's not really beauty related but I'm using my blog as an online diary too, hence why I've decided to do this post on last night's antics in the fabulous Manchester!

Having never been on a night out in Manchester before, to say I was excited to sample some of it's famous bars and amazing atmosphere would be a huge understatement. It was one of my closest male friend's 22nd birthday and being as he's gay and camper than a pink christmas tree, he chose to spend his birthday evening on Canal Street, famous for it's buzzing bars and generally gay nightlife scene. Even though gay clubs perhaps wouldn't be my first choice of drinking locations, I can tell you it delivered on all counts and I had an amazing night, with the added bonus of no pervy strangers to avoid or lurking old men needing to be dodged.

Of Canal Street we visited Velvet, Queer, G.A.Y and Baa Bar ( who'd have guessed they were gay bars?) all of which blared out cheesy tunes consisting of the like of S Club, Girls Aloud and The Saturdays. Hilarious to sing and dance around to and the music got me very reminscent of my high school days in all honesty. A few mainstream songs were played too, which provided a welcome break from hearing divas and girl band anthems. The atmosphere was electric, I can only describe it as like being on a holiday bar strip in the likes of Spain or Cyrpus. Everyone was just in a good mood and out to have a brilliant time!

My favourite bar was Baa Bars, as it was slightly less queer and generally a bit more akin to the bars I'm used to. Amazing £1 shots too, which you won't find in many places in Leeds on a Saturday night. Here are some snaps from the night, which without a doubt will go down as one of my favourites all year!

On the train from Leeds. I was so happy I got to debut my Nars Blush for the fist time.

Lots of fur coats at the train station - freezing last night!

At Velvet Bar

Me at Velvet Bar. Wearing: topshop high waisted jeans, Peacocks Bandeau, Topshop lace top, Garage Shoes Boots and a Miss Selfridge jacket.

At G.A.Y club - Madonna most probably playing in the background. Birthday boy in the middle!


  1. You look lovely, the top photo of you and your friend is so nice :) I actually love posts like this rather than constant beauty reviews (even though I do love a good review!)


    1. aww thank you so much Kirsty! Yeah I agree, nice to read something a bit different once in a while!! xx