Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Get Hash-Tag Happy: 8 Good Reasons Why You Should be on Twitter


Sorry I've been so bad with keeping up with blogging at the moment; I've been so tied down with Uni work, work experience applications and my dissertation and my 21st birthday has been and gone amongst all that...nightmare! I've got lots of things to blog about so will be back on track as soon as my work load lessens a little.

Anyway, here is my Her Campus article from last week:

Get Hash-Tag Happy: 8 Good Reasons Why You Should be on Twitter

It seems like wherever you go at the moment, Twitter is being talked about. It's all over the web, on most TV programmes, in numerous adverts and constantly on the radio. There is literally no getting away from it right now and while I’m no Mystic Meg, I don’t predict that’s going to change anytime soon. It won’t be too long before everyone’s going to be signed up and unless you want to appear as ancient as Brotherton’s Special Collections area, I suggest you bite the blue bullet and jump on the Twitter bandwagon before it’s too late.
For those that are completely unbeknown, Twitter is a social network like no other. It is an interactive micro-blogging site that allows you to follow other people’s updates and answer the question ‘What are you doing?’ in just 140 characters. Sound familiar? Fear not those who lives are continuously hindered by a Facebook obsession, it is worlds apart. Twitter is not just a social network. It is an event coordinator, a business tool, a news reporting service and a marketing utility.
Unlike Facebook, Twitter allows you to keep track of updates from anyone you want to, be it close friends, celebrities, sports personalities, musicians or news feeds from around the world. You can effortlessly follow updates from big companies and top employers at a mouse click, giving you the upper hand in job interviews, topical debates, gossip with friends and everything in between.
Need more convincing? Here are my top eight reasons why I urge you to sign up:

  1. Celebrity Stalking
Whether your celebrity obsession is Kelly Rowland or Lorraine Kelly, Harry Styles or Harry Derbridge, Wayne Rooney or Lil Wayne or none of the above, the likelihood is that your favourite celebrity is using Twitter. It’s not just for the fame-hungry, perma-tanned, ‘look-at-me-falling-out-of-a-nightclub celebrities either. Stephen Fry, Barack Obama and Richard Branson are all very famous, slightly more intelligent Twitter users that share regular life-updates with their hoards of followers. 
(Tip: Look for a blue tick next to a celebrity’s name, it means they’ve been verified - it’s actually them, not an imposter)

  1. Finding a Job or Work Experience
If you use Twitter sensibly you can really maximize your career prospects with just a few intelligent choices. Follow big names in your prospective industry, post about their topical business matters and don’t be afraid to interact with potential employers and companies. I know at least two people who have gained work experience placements through Twitter; play your cards right and who knows what doors it could open for you.

  1. Driving Traffic to Your Blog or Website
As I’ve said before, Twitter is a massive marketing tool. If you have a blog or website you want to promote, Twitter can be the opportune platform to do so. Posting about your latest blog entry, a website or even a new Her Campus article will get attention to your pages fast. The more followers you have, the more traffic you’ll obtain so tweet to your heart’s content, spread the online word and watch your hit count grow.

  1. Free Stuff
Students being students, we all love a good freebie and following the right people can give you supreme access to endless offers and giveaways. There are lots of student-related Twitter profiles that are constantly feeding their followers with irresistible deals and discounts,  @studentbeans and @MyUNiDAYS to name a few.

  1. Getting the Breaking News Before it Breaks
One of the best things about Twitter is the fact that you can literally discover things as they happen, often well before they break onto mainstream news. The left-hand ‘trending topics’ are great ways to find out about big stories before anyone else. I discovered the death of Amy Winehouse, Osama Bin Laden and just recently Whitney Houston a good hour before they appeared on national headlines.
(Tip: Hash tags (#) are used in tweets to indicate a topic)
(Tip: All ‘#RIP***** trends should be taken with extreme caution. If they were all true, Paris Hilton, Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift would let’s just saynot be with us’ anymore)

  1. Twitter-wars
A brand new style of spicy celebrity cat-fight has hit the radar and we have the divine privilege to see it first-hand and from the comfort of our own homes. Twitter-wars have been all over the news in the past year or so, the most high-profile Twitter slanging matches include Britney Spears vs. Kanye West, Lindsay Lohan vs. Samantha Ronson and Joey Barton vs. the whole cast of The Only Way is Essex.

  1. Entertainment Gold
There are some hilarious spoof accounts that are bound to give you a giggle when Uni work is getting you down. Here are three crackers:
@oldmansearch  – 82 year old Norman was told by his son that Twitter was a new search engine, like Google. Anything he tweets is therefore something he thinks he’s searching for on the internet. My favourite tweets include: ‘tour de france age maximum’ and ‘eggs give me a headache’ (sic).
@EdwardBoyle – The incredibly entertaining twitter feed of our very own Edward Boyle library. Follow him for twitter wars with @TheBrotherton , confessions about Marjorie Ziff and other generally amusing comments from inside the library walls.
@Queen_UK – Did you know our beloved Queen Elizabeth is actually a gin-drinking, cursing, down-to-earth celebrity lover like the rest of us? Follow the queen’s parody account for silly, light-hearted tweets on ‘ones thoughts and life updates.

  1. Feel-Good Twitter Feeds
Follow @GirlDictionary for girl-power goodness, @TheNoteboook for soppy one-liners or @Tweets2Motivate for a daily dose of inspirational language in under 140 characters. Not all Twitter accounts are individuals and sometimes it’s nice to read the odd encouraging tweet while you’re scanning through your Twitter feed - it’s definitely worth sprinkling it with some quotidian cuteness. 

So what are you waiting for? Sign up to Twitter today and make sure you follow @HerCampusLeeds  while you’re at it!

Monday, 20 February 2012

Nicki Minaj for OPI Nail Polish Duo: 'Save me' and 'Metallic 4 Life'

My current website addiction is 'Buyapowa', a fairly new site that lets you get high end beauty products for a discounted price. It works on the idea of 'co-buying' with other cosmetics junkies, so that the more people that use the site to 'buy' the product, the better Buyapowa's wholesale price is; anyone buying can get the product much cheaper than they would if they were buying it individually on the highstreet.

The set of 4 miniture Nicki Minaj OPI polishes sold like absolute hotcakes on the site, literally within a few hours. I was quite gutted to have missed out so when this duo-set went live as a co-buy I had to snap them up!

I got the two for £12, saving £10 off the RRP. An amazing deal, especially considering the fact that one OPI polish normally sells for about £10. The two colours are 'Save me', a silver glitter with holographic bar glitter in clear base nail polish color, and 'Metallic 4 Life', a sheer black with small silver square glitter as well as small hexagonal and larger hexagonal sequins. They both dry quite smoothly and although a little bumpy, not gritty or rough as such.

Here are the colours up-close:

'Save Me'

'Save Me' can be beautifully understated, just one layer gives a tiny bit of sparkle but not too much. For a night out, a few layers like on the picture above really makes the tiny rectangular flecks of colour shine and the glitter stand out. With it being transparent it means it will probably last a bit longer, its heard to spot chips like it would be with an opaque colour. I've been wearing this over a nude, pinky colour and it looks really cute with the added bonus of having no danger of outfit-clashes.

'Metallic 4 Life'
'Metallic 4 Life' was my polish of preference before I recieved the duo in the post and I don't think my feelings have changed, I really love it! Perhaps not quit as easy to wear everyday as 'Save Me' but this colour really stands out. Perfect for nights out and making a statement, the colour is very rocky with a glamorous touch. For application, three coats is probably best as the black is very sheer.

As they are both OPI polishes, there is no question about the quality of the product. OPI always produce long-lasting and durable polishes in beautiful colours!

So all in all I'm very happy with this duo! Make sure you check out 'Buyapowa' if you haven't already!

Amy x

Sunday, 12 February 2012

G.A.Y'ing it up in Manchester

This post won't interest a lot of people as it's not really beauty related but I'm using my blog as an online diary too, hence why I've decided to do this post on last night's antics in the fabulous Manchester!

Having never been on a night out in Manchester before, to say I was excited to sample some of it's famous bars and amazing atmosphere would be a huge understatement. It was one of my closest male friend's 22nd birthday and being as he's gay and camper than a pink christmas tree, he chose to spend his birthday evening on Canal Street, famous for it's buzzing bars and generally gay nightlife scene. Even though gay clubs perhaps wouldn't be my first choice of drinking locations, I can tell you it delivered on all counts and I had an amazing night, with the added bonus of no pervy strangers to avoid or lurking old men needing to be dodged.

Of Canal Street we visited Velvet, Queer, G.A.Y and Baa Bar ( who'd have guessed they were gay bars?) all of which blared out cheesy tunes consisting of the like of S Club, Girls Aloud and The Saturdays. Hilarious to sing and dance around to and the music got me very reminscent of my high school days in all honesty. A few mainstream songs were played too, which provided a welcome break from hearing divas and girl band anthems. The atmosphere was electric, I can only describe it as like being on a holiday bar strip in the likes of Spain or Cyrpus. Everyone was just in a good mood and out to have a brilliant time!

My favourite bar was Baa Bars, as it was slightly less queer and generally a bit more akin to the bars I'm used to. Amazing £1 shots too, which you won't find in many places in Leeds on a Saturday night. Here are some snaps from the night, which without a doubt will go down as one of my favourites all year!

On the train from Leeds. I was so happy I got to debut my Nars Blush for the fist time.

Lots of fur coats at the train station - freezing last night!

At Velvet Bar

Me at Velvet Bar. Wearing: topshop high waisted jeans, Peacocks Bandeau, Topshop lace top, Garage Shoes Boots and a Miss Selfridge jacket.

At G.A.Y club - Madonna most probably playing in the background. Birthday boy in the middle!

Friday, 10 February 2012

Feel Unique February Beauty Box

Yesterday I was devasted to discover an email for the FeelUnique team announcing that they are discontinuing their Beauty Boxes...

'As a valued customer, I wanted to be the first to let you know that we’ve taken the decision to close our Beauty Box service.
At we pride ourselves on delivering exceptionally high standards of value, service and quality and we're constantly reviewing the way we do things.
Each month we've been listening and taking onboard all of your comments and ideas. We understand that like us, you love beauty and trying new things and it's with this in mind that we believe there's a better way of delivering a bespoke, high quality sampling service based on your individual needs. For this reason, we will be closing Beauty Box indefinitely as of this month.'

I am gutted! Even though I've only received two boxes, I loved them both and would have carried on subscribing for at least another few months. I will definitely be looking for a replacement box so a little research into the next best thing will definitely be happening in the next few weeks.

Anyway yet again I was not disappointed with this month's box; all the  products contained inside were good and from a nice wide range, which I think is vital with beauty boxes. Here are this month's contents:

I'm really happy with this product. Two thirds of the full size and I absolutely love elemis products - they are always so fresh, kind to the skin and natural. Lime and Ginger is a very interesting, zingy combination and I can't wait to try it out.

2)  Decleor Phytopeel Face Peel Cream 15ml (Full Size 100ml £23.50)

FeelUnique seem to really love french products. This at home face peel is a soft cream formula which exfoliates and smoothes the epidermis. I'm a sucker for a good face cream so more than happy with this item!

3. Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Usage Dry Oil 10ml (Full Size 100ml £38)

I've wanted to try an oil out for ages and so I'm super excited about this one from Nuxe . It's suitable for face, hair and body and is  unique super activated formula to nourish, repair and soften in a single gesture.

4)  Philip Kingsley Elasticizer 60ml (Full Size 250ml £18.70)

I'm the first to admit the condition of my hair isn't great so I'm looking forward to seeing what this Elasticizer can do. Supposedly good for extremely broken or damaged hair to restore suppleness, elasticity, shine and bounce; this will suit me down to the ground.

An adorable pearly pink shade from Leighton Denny's collection. One part of his 'Diamond French Manicure' but I don't think that matters. This expert & high performance nail colour is 'easy to apply, long lasting and chip resistant' which sounds spot on to me.

6) Jean Paul Gaulter Kokorico Perfume Sample 1ml

The added extra of a cute men's fragrance.

So all in all I love this month's box and I'm gutted its being discontinued.

If anyone has any other Beauty Box recommendations I'd love to hear them!

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Clinique Strawberry Fudge Eye Shadow Duo

I don't own a great amount of high-end eye shadows because I love to experiment with lots of different colours all the time and this (unfortunately) is not a very cheap hobby to have! When I do dare to part with the pennies however, I know Clinique won't leave me worrying about whether it was quite worth the money spent. Clinique eyeshadows are always soft, versatile and natural and this duo is no different. I've had this product in my make-up bag for quite a while now and I always use it when in need of a fail-safe colour, be it for a daytime or nightime look.

Strawberry Fudge is a golden pink and golden brown duo. The pink is shimmery and light and goes great as a base lid-colour while the brown is a little more sheen and dull and it really sets off the pink when brushed over and into the eye crease. The colours are very classy and feminine and so would really go with most looks, as well as any time of year. As the colours are pale, frosty and not overly harsh I think they would suit most people's skin tones, be it pale or warm skin.

The quality of the product is also very good; it is well pigmented and with a little bit of primer it's sure to stay on all day - it definitely does me anyway.

The packaging, although sleek, is quite fussy which I'm not really wild about - I'd rather just a standard flip-lid than a pull-out tray but that could just be me being lazy. The casing is mirrored which for me is also a negative. Although it's strikingly bright and shiny at first, it does tend to attract LOTS if fingerprints and general smears after even a week or so.

So all in all the packaging is not great but definitely a beautiful, natural colour duo and high quality product, I hope you agree!

Pink on the lid here

P.S. I've had a peek on ebay and these are selling very cheap!

Monday, 6 February 2012

Bronzed and Beachy: Summer Make-Up Look

I don't know why but whenever the weather is cold and grim ALL I can think about is holidays, tanning and glorious summer sunshine.

As the snow fell heavily in Leeds on Saturday afternoon I found myself day dreaming about white sandy beaches, looking through thousands of old holiday snaps and even applying a cheeky extra layer of fake bake; all completely subconsciously but without an ounce of shame.

To remedy my mood, I decided to create Summer a make-up look on my amazing i-pod app to make me feel a tad more optimistic about the abysmal sight out of my window. Even though my skin is completely untanned right now, sometimes I like to wear warm, golden-toned make-up at least to look a bit healthier and to feel a little bit better about the fact I'm almost as pasty as an albino vampire. I wanted to share the look with any blog readers who may be feeling just as depressed about the cold as I am - it won't be long before we can all have a natural, glowing skin colour again!

Unfortunatley (or not) experimenting has given me a fair few products to add to my ever-growing make-up wishlist....



Stila eye shadow pans in kitten
Almay Pure Blends Eye Shadow in Cinnamon
Stila eye shadow pans in espresso
Stila eye shadow pans in sparkle
Cargo Bronzer in Medium
Dior Dior Bronze Original Tan in Healthy Tan 01
CoverGirl TruBlend Liquid Makeup in 5 Classic Tan 460
Dior DiorShow Mascara in Chestnut
Stila smudge pot in brown
Stila kajal eye liner tigers eye
Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte in Sweet Honey