Thursday, 29 December 2011

Puppy Love

I have a new man in my life!

His name is Wesley; a black labrador who's just a baby at 4 weeks old! He can't come home and leave his mother for another 4 weeks (which falls right on the time I go back to University - gutted!). I am hoping however that we might be able to bring him home a little early.

His brothers and sisters are totally adorable too, as you can see!

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Generous Mr. Clause

Ok so I promised a post detailing a few of my 2011 christmas presents, and here it is!!

Once again massive apologies for my shambolic photography - I have no idea how to work my mum's SLR and was in a bit of a rush to take the pictures before she cottoned on to the fact I'd 'borrowed' her precious and expensive camera. I also didn't get round to taking the pictures until Boxing day; at this point I'd already taken the labels off a few things and been for a walk in my new Ugg boots!

I have an absolute shopoholic/spendaholic of a mother so she tends to go a little overboard at Christmas time, leaving me feeling rather spoilt, but loved all the same.

Anyway, here are a few of my beautiful gifts...

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisterizer - an absolute godsend. I've been literally scraping out last years' pot for the last couple of months, I love it!

Hunter Fleece Welly Socks - to compliment my pair of discounted Hunter wellies I purchased earlier this year.

TOWIE Boxset (I am a not-so-closet lover of trashy TV), Bridemaids DVD (hilarious) and Amy Winehouse's new album which I've already listened to and absolutely love - going straight in the car I think!  

Possibly my favourite gifts - a MAC Lipstick and a MAC surf-baby bronzer. Need that glow in the current climate!

My favourite scent at the minute - Carolina Herrena '212 On Ice'. Very hard to get at this time of year but Santa obviously found a way! (Amazon)

A girl can never have too many bags. An ALDO shopper on the left and a Warehouse clutch on the right. Both are gorgeous and will go with pretty much anything.

A personalised cushion  made by my very own Mother <3 Pink enough and girly enough for a 10 year old but I don't care!  

An engraved ring that says 'love conquers all things'. I chose this myself and I love it because of the sentimental value.

Chocolate UGGs. Had two pairs previously and pretty much lived in both of them. Chocolate colour came on sale on ASOS a while back and I made sure Santa knew about it!

Not Vivienne Westwood, but a similar style - and who's going to ask. Going to save these statement earrings for night time outfits I think!

A cute bedroom sign

Another much-loved product that I've been running out of of late. I've tried both Fake Bake's lotion tanner and mousse and while they are both great, I personally prefer the mousse for a lighter, more even coverage.

More 'girly bath shit'. Princess bubble bath, shampoo, body wash and cleanser, fairly boring.

A surprise but I really like this. Anew from Avon's foaming cleanser. Very fresh and moisterizing.

A selection of Boots' Body Butters. Absolutely love body butter at this time of year and each of these smells divine.

A Tog 24 thermal hat and an FCUK snood. Both extremely useful for chilly Forest matches and bitter walks up to Uni in January. 

Fat Face Pajama shorts. I'm yet to even try these on as my poor pins can't quite face being exposed around the house. Give it two months however and I'll be living in these babies!

Monday, 26 December 2011

Very Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!!

So although Christmas isn't exactly all over, I'm already ready to get back into normal everyday routine (work, gym, Uni work) and start thinking about the new year. One of my main aims for next year is to really keep up with my blog, and i'm getting cracking on writing this Christmas post to do just that.

Christmas day was (as always) a wonderful one; lots of laughter, food, presents and smiling faces and with my mums LSR camera in hand, I attempted to capture some of these moments in the form of some digital pics. My snapping skills aren't great, but I'd really like to improve and as the famous saying goes 'practise makes perfect' - so bare with me on this.

These are just a few family photos, a post detailing my gifts from Santa will be coming up!

Appropriately frosty make-up

'Sledge must have stum' hahaa Santa's been!!

My Grandad

My Mum and Auntie

My brother Alex with sporting festive headwear

My Mum attempting to use my brother's treadmill - absolutely zero co-ordination, hilarious

My mum and I

Auntie and Niece

My favourite possession. Didn't get this for Christmas but worth a pose as we were walking by

My Auntie and our new friend Charlie the horse. Sex to be confirmed...
Had a look...still unsure. Most likely girl.

Gordan Ramsey eat your heart out. My brother is a chef - literally the BEST job a brother could have.

Christmas Dinner - amazing.

3 too many slice of turkey for Gramps...full

Wouldn't be Christmas without Champagne..

My Dad

My mum modelling my hat - never changes.

Thursday, 15 December 2011


Call me stuck in the 90s' but I'm LOVING bangle bracelets at the moment - especially sterling silver ones!

They look great on their own and can make a real statement teamed with a killer dress and minimal accessories. Equally, a few skinny ones can make a daytime outfit look that bit more classy and sophisticated. They also look incredible against tanned skin, making them a post-holiday wardrobe must!

The great thing with bangles is that the prices really range; you can either totally indulge and spoil yourself with an expensive piece or spend a tenner on one that looks just as good and you don't have to worry about losing!

Here are a few of my current favourites:

1) Mirabelle Oxydized Sterling Silver Dove Bangle ( - £60
2) John Richard Linked Heart Bangle - £12

4) Pandora Sterling Silver Bubble Bangle - £75

Swarovski Louise Bangle - £145
Alexander McQueen Silver Crystal Twin Skull Bangle - £160
ASOS Set Stone Clamp Bracelet - £14
Marahlago Silver and Larimar Liquido Bangle Bracelet - £262

The only downside is the noise they make if you're wearing a few and trying to type...very annoying!

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Butcher, Baker, Candle-stick Maker: My Work Experience Woes

For some students the decision is easy. Law students become Lawyers, Medical students become Doctors, Engineering students become Engineers and Business students become the next batch of cringe-worthy Apprentice applicants (naturally). As a third year English student, I’m not finding choosing a suitable career path quite as straightforward – I don’t want to be a teacher and I definitely don’t want to be a librarian.

My 15 years in education have involved more new career directions than Hyde Park break-ins; although similarly forceful and ambitious in intent, their outcomes rarely leave me feeling anything but deep despair and hopelessness. As a pro-active individual, I’ve taken numerous steps to find work experience in an attempt to try and remedy my apparent lack of occupational calling. So far, my luck has been somewhat abysmal and I’ve just about written off every career prospect even remotely feasible.

At the tender age of 15 I tried a week at my local hospital. With a face full of spots, a body full of hormones and the words ‘Amy is not a natural scientist’ still ringing in my ears from a previous parents evening, I strutted through the doors determined to discover my calling as a medical genius. No such luck. While I enjoyed customizing my lab coat with some of Claire’s Accessories’ finest badges, I found the hospital atmosphere too depressing for my fragile soul. Seeing people seriously ill (and some stains I knew for definite weren’ttomato ketchup) wasn’t an experience I could handle and I decided nursing would never be my vocation.

Next I spent a week as a journalist at my local paper. Regretfully, my hometown is no Beverly Hills and I turned out to be no Perez Hilton. Four too many pet interviews pushed me well over the edge in that week; did my local citizens really want to read about Sid the budgies’ birthday? Or Terry the rabbits’ great escape from number 15? While I enjoyed asking copious meaningless questions, my obvious lack of being able to listen to (or remember) any coherent answers left my stories severely hindered come typing-up day. Although this wasn’t a problem for me when transcribing Terry’s story, I knew newspaper journalism wasn’t for me.

Aged 18, I tried helping out in a primary school with a friend who was, and I quote, ‘born to teach’- fatal error. The first day went extraordinarily well; I was bonding with the children, mothering plastic babies and re-enacting every scene from Hannah Montana the Movie. A week later I returned and my fortune changed drastically. The 9am bell rang and one little girl ran up to my friend for a very moving ‘I’ve missed you Miss’ hug. The girl’s eyes met mine and without a second thought I opened up my arms expecting the same. She looked at me blankly, turned, and ran, virtually sprinted away. I was mortified. As time went on I hated teaching; too many children crying for no apparent reason and falling over like Bambi on ice - I’ve seen enough of that in Mission’s smoking garden and I’d rather not relive it daily in a workplace.

A criminal lawyer: a well-paid, well-renowned, well-respected occupation. No doubt it is, but after my week in a criminal law firm earlier this year, I don’t want to be one. Admittedly I loved the tense atmosphere, the high drama and the rush of being seen as a ‘trainee lawyer’, but while I really wanted to want to be a lawyer, I just didn’t. Take the criminals I talked to every day; Jeremy Kyle rejects (pre-Graham counselling) they were, Wentworth Miller look-a-likes they definitely were not. I became increasingly tired of being leered at and sworn at and I hated the manipulative and calculating side of actually being a lawyer. Even with the job role aside, the dress code is so much more circus freak than fashion week; the wigs, the capes, need I say more?

Most recently, my holiday job as an Accounts Assistant/Pro Receipt Sellotaper compelled me to consider something I NEVER thought I would; Accountancy. Experience – check. Enthusiasm – check. Mathematical ability – very questionable. I spent hours on applications forms, but it turns out you have to be reasonably good at maths to have any chance at attaining accountancy graduate schemes. You also can’t ask your Dad to take the numerical tests for you because chances are, he’ll probably fail too. With three tests taken and three tests failed, accountancy seems highly improbable.

As unlikely as it may seem and although with graduation looming I’m beginning to panic, there is a message to take from my ramblings. I don’t regret the hospital, the budgie interviews, the primary school, the courtroom freak-show or even the failed maths tests. I may not know what I want to do but without my work experience woes, I wouldn’t know what I definitely don’t want to do, and for that I’ll be eternally grateful. Work experience really was worth doing even if I did end up sprinting out the door at 5pm. It’s surely better to know what I don’t like doing now than in 10 years’ time when there is no going back. I would recommend anyone to take a week in Easter to do some work experience, and now would be a good time to apply. Even if you don’t enjoy it, I guarantee you won’t regret it.

Sunday, 11 December 2011

More Summer 2011 Nostalgia: St Ives, Cornwall

My last post, 'Take me back to Cyprus', left me reminiscing over more of my travelling memories from 2011. June blessed me with a family trip to one of my favourite places in the world, St Ives, Cornwall. We hired a small cottage in the centre of St Ives, close to Porthmeor beach where we spent nearly every day.
It's the sort of place where on a nice day you can lay on the beach, look out to the sea and feel like you could be literally anywhere. Here's a few of my fave snaps:

Porthmeor Beach, on the north coast of the town and about a 5 minute walk from our cottage.

...I had a go at surfing but spent far more time being washed ashore than actually surfing. Still, I felt I had to try it out!

The Harbour; lots of boats, tourists and a few seals!

By the Harbour. Saw a few Seals near here.

Shopping In St Ives

Cornwall is well renowned for its' surf, Porthmeor Beach is widely regarded as offering the best surfing conditions in St Ives.

Actually managed a good tan to say I was sunning myself in England! If only tans lasted the whole year...