Monday, 20 February 2012

Nicki Minaj for OPI Nail Polish Duo: 'Save me' and 'Metallic 4 Life'

My current website addiction is 'Buyapowa', a fairly new site that lets you get high end beauty products for a discounted price. It works on the idea of 'co-buying' with other cosmetics junkies, so that the more people that use the site to 'buy' the product, the better Buyapowa's wholesale price is; anyone buying can get the product much cheaper than they would if they were buying it individually on the highstreet.

The set of 4 miniture Nicki Minaj OPI polishes sold like absolute hotcakes on the site, literally within a few hours. I was quite gutted to have missed out so when this duo-set went live as a co-buy I had to snap them up!

I got the two for £12, saving £10 off the RRP. An amazing deal, especially considering the fact that one OPI polish normally sells for about £10. The two colours are 'Save me', a silver glitter with holographic bar glitter in clear base nail polish color, and 'Metallic 4 Life', a sheer black with small silver square glitter as well as small hexagonal and larger hexagonal sequins. They both dry quite smoothly and although a little bumpy, not gritty or rough as such.

Here are the colours up-close:

'Save Me'

'Save Me' can be beautifully understated, just one layer gives a tiny bit of sparkle but not too much. For a night out, a few layers like on the picture above really makes the tiny rectangular flecks of colour shine and the glitter stand out. With it being transparent it means it will probably last a bit longer, its heard to spot chips like it would be with an opaque colour. I've been wearing this over a nude, pinky colour and it looks really cute with the added bonus of having no danger of outfit-clashes.

'Metallic 4 Life'
'Metallic 4 Life' was my polish of preference before I recieved the duo in the post and I don't think my feelings have changed, I really love it! Perhaps not quit as easy to wear everyday as 'Save Me' but this colour really stands out. Perfect for nights out and making a statement, the colour is very rocky with a glamorous touch. For application, three coats is probably best as the black is very sheer.

As they are both OPI polishes, there is no question about the quality of the product. OPI always produce long-lasting and durable polishes in beautiful colours!

So all in all I'm very happy with this duo! Make sure you check out 'Buyapowa' if you haven't already!

Amy x

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