Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Clinique Strawberry Fudge Eye Shadow Duo

I don't own a great amount of high-end eye shadows because I love to experiment with lots of different colours all the time and this (unfortunately) is not a very cheap hobby to have! When I do dare to part with the pennies however, I know Clinique won't leave me worrying about whether it was quite worth the money spent. Clinique eyeshadows are always soft, versatile and natural and this duo is no different. I've had this product in my make-up bag for quite a while now and I always use it when in need of a fail-safe colour, be it for a daytime or nightime look.

Strawberry Fudge is a golden pink and golden brown duo. The pink is shimmery and light and goes great as a base lid-colour while the brown is a little more sheen and dull and it really sets off the pink when brushed over and into the eye crease. The colours are very classy and feminine and so would really go with most looks, as well as any time of year. As the colours are pale, frosty and not overly harsh I think they would suit most people's skin tones, be it pale or warm skin.

The quality of the product is also very good; it is well pigmented and with a little bit of primer it's sure to stay on all day - it definitely does me anyway.

The packaging, although sleek, is quite fussy which I'm not really wild about - I'd rather just a standard flip-lid than a pull-out tray but that could just be me being lazy. The casing is mirrored which for me is also a negative. Although it's strikingly bright and shiny at first, it does tend to attract LOTS if fingerprints and general smears after even a week or so.

So all in all the packaging is not great but definitely a beautiful, natural colour duo and high quality product, I hope you agree!

Pink on the lid here

P.S. I've had a peek on ebay and these are selling very cheap!

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  1. I use this!! Clinique does amazing eyeshadows, love their products!