Friday, 3 February 2012

Geri Halliwell for Next

It's pretty much a guaranteed fact that any girl born in the naughty 90's once loved, adored and idolised The Spice Girls during their short fame and I'm definitely no anomaly to that trend. Everything about the five girls was iconic;  their attitude, the way they dressed, their music and their 'girl power' message. For me and probably many others, Geri Halliwell really stood out from the start. She was ballsy, confident, fiery and she always knew how to get attention.

Since their famous split I've continued to follow the girls' progress and Geri in particular. She's already designed lingerie and swimwear collections for Next, which I love, especially the figure-enhancing bikinis.  Now she's designed a few very patriotic clothing pieces, all created with inspiration from that infamous dress of 1997. The hem lines are now considerably longer than the 't-shirt' dress worn at the Brits, as it to be expected seeing as Geri's now 15 years older (scary!)

Sequin Dress £199

Below are my three favourite items from the range: a Maxi dress, a Bikini and a T-shirt. They look great on Geri and I think the fact she models the clothes herself really sets off the collection. I think these pieces would look great on any body types and are suitable for pretty much all ages. Judging by her last collections, the pieces shouldn't be too expensive, making them a holiday-wardrobe must! Being ridiculously patriotic myself, I'll definitely be popping down to Next when the range is released in early March, I need to get my hands on that Maxi dress! 


  1. Aw this post made me feel all nostalgic! Slightly disappointed to not have seen Geri don that infamous tshirt 'dress' again!
    Also, as if it's been 15 years since then, I feel old! x

  2. I find it abit strange that she didn't do this a long time ago really! Love the bikini you posted from it. And the fact the split was 15 years ago has made me feel so old, I remember being devastated when it happened haha


  3. She is so pretty! What a transformation since the Spice Girls! xo