Saturday, 28 January 2012

Lynx Launch New Female Fragrance

The giant that is Lynx, famed for racey ads and risky marketing campaigns, have just released a new set of fragrances...this time with one for girls! The new sprays, called Lynx Attract ‘For Him’ and ‘For Her’ are set to be on sale soon and they have spent a fortune on a marketing campaign for the womens' spray (£7.2 million!!) Unlike all their previous campaigns, this spray is solely for the fairer sex.

The ‘For Her’ scent is designed to perfectly compliment the men’s, with delicious top-notes of pomegranate, apple and blueberry, a floral heart and base notes of wood, musk and vanilla for a sensual edge; sounds like a very good combination of smells to me!

100 cans of the new Lynx Attract 'For Her' were made available exclusively through the Lynx Effect Facebook page on Monday and apparently the brand has said they sold out "within a couple of hours" so it appears the pricey marketing has worked so far.

I'm not sure what everyone else thinks about this one but personally I'm quite unsure. I associate the Lynx brand far too heavily with the (admittedly quite funny) adverts of semi-naked beautiful girls swarming around everyday, average joe-type men. The adverts would definitely leave my feminist 'Language and Gender' module lecturer in an angry state for the objectifying of women they arguably do in each and every advert. Everything we have seen associated with the brand so far just screams 'masculine' which is a little off-putting when you want to buy a new scent and expect somethings that smells girly and completely feminine.

However, the bodyspray for him and for her both cost just £3.25 so not too pricey for an everyday item that sounds like it smells pretty amazing. I think I will have to put my inhibitions aside and definitely give this a go, providing it smells completely different to the overpowering male versions.

Would love to know what everyone thinks!

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